Best New Las Vegas Restaurant

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The SushiSamba Strip is the best new Las Vegas restaurant!  If you’re looking for fun, flavor, hypnotic rhythmic ambiance, and the most innovative menu and spectacular presentation in Las Vegas, plan on dining at SushiSamba Strip!  It’s located in the shoppes at the Palazzo, 3327 Las Vegas Blvd. South.   Reservations:  702.607.0700    Web: SUSHISAMBA strip Las Vegas

SushiSamba Lobster Taquitos

SushiSamba Lobster Taquitos

It’s not difficult to find a good Japanese restaurant, but ask yourself this; where can you go to enjoy the cuisines and culture celebrating Japan, Brazil & Peru?  SushiSamba Las Vegas!

SushiSamba Sea Bass

SushiSamba Sea Bass

Our meal was delightful, the service incredible!  The menu is extensive and varied, and our waiter helped us select a variety of small dishes to share that were exquisite.  The dining room ambiance was enchanting, with hpynotic rythmic music, and large video screens showing short videos of the countries and cultures of Japan, Brazil, and Peru.  It felt like Carnaval, with the colors, music and energy which made the restaurant come alive.

The SushiSamba strip and Sugarcane Lounge is ideal for a variety of functions and events – bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, romantic dinners, family celebrations to name a few.

Bobo Brazil and Samba Strip Roll

Bobo Brazil and Samba Strip Roll

Enjoying Sea Bass at SUSHISAMBA strip Las Vegas

Enjoying Sea Bass at SUSHISAMBA strip Las Vegas

Would you care to review the SUSHISAMBA strip restaurant located in the Shoppes at the Palazzo?  We would love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment and share your experiences of this exciting best new restaurant in Las Vegas!

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Bachelor Party Las Vegas

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What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas!  Especially when it comes to your bachelor party!  You just can’t beat the excitement and glamour of Las Vegas – it’s always a great time to vacation in Las Vegas! Planning a Las Vegas vacation? 

Las Vegas is a great place for a bachelor party, and here’s a great picture of a fun loving guy and his buddies having a great time on their Las Vegas vacation.   Here’s a salute to Ivan and Navi from Vancouver, Washington, and all the wonderful (and handsome!) men that accompanied Ivan to Las Vegas for his bachelor party January 31, 2009.  Sorry we didn’t get to meet you Navi, we wish you the very best in your upcoming March 14th wedding!  It sure looked like Ivan and his buddies were having some good, clean fun in Las Vegas!  What a great bachelor party theme idea!  Here’s a picture of my friend Mary with Ivan and his buddies!  The guys were parading around Caesars Palace near the Fall of Atlantis Fountain and Aquarium.  Navi was wearing a dress, and his buddies had a black marker, inviting people to sign Navi’s dress!  It was a riot, what a fun bachelor party theme!

Ivan's Unique Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Ivan Soliciting Signatures for His Dress - Unique Ideas for Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Disneyland Rides are Fun for People of All Ages

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Many children have fond memories of the Disneyland rides found at the Happiest Place on Earth. Beloved movie characters like Indiana Jones, Alice and Dumbo are brought to life in way that is exciting and fun for children regardless of age group.

Disney amusement parks are full of rides that are suitable for all ages. Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a ride that has been featured at the park from the beginning. Children soar through the air in an elephant shaped car. The teacups twirl madly as the centerpiece for the tea party hosted by the Mad Hatter himself. Small children will also enjoy exploring Goofy’s Playhouse, and Chip & Dale’s Treehouse. There is a ranch with a petting zoo that the little ones will love to visit. They can hop on a horse drawn wagon or scale model train and see all the sights.

Disney is not just for the young ones. There are plenty of rides that teenagers will enjoy as well. The Haunted Mansion is part haunted house and part roller coaster. Individual buggies wind their way through the mansion offering glimpses of the 99 ghosts that call it their home. Thrill rides in the park include the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Splash Mountain and Space Mountain, which is a totally enclosed ride that travels in the dark and features various lighting effects. Teens love all of these types of Disneyland rides.

The Indiana Jones ride is suitable for children and adults alike. The Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride has been a staple for decades and Star Tours is the Disney take on the popular Star Wars franchise. The Disney Cinema constantly plays classic movies and the Disneyland Story features Abraham Lincoln discussing history at the Opera House.

A one-day pass for admission to one park at Disneyland costs $68 for a child and $76 for an adult. The Premier Pass costs $700. It includes admission to all eight parks for one year in addition to special discounts and updates by email. In addition, there are many places online to find cheap Disneyland tickets.

A trip to Disneyland does not have to be boring if you know which rides are best suitable for your family’s ages.

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