Conversion Vans: Preparing for a Trip to National Parks

August 17, 2010 · Posted in Camping U.S.A., Family Reunion Ideas, Family Travel 
Rafting Merced Yosemite

Rafting the Merced River in Yosemite National Park

Are you looking for family reunion or family travel ideas?  Why not organize a camping trip to the national parks in a new or used conversion van?  The best way to provide your family with the most memorable vacation in your conversion van is to do the proper planning and travel preparation way ahead of time. Especially when you have little children to take with you, you have to make sure that they will have fun and not get tired or bored or rushing to go back home because of a simple misfortune that occurred along the trip as a result of poor planning. If you have plenty of time to prepare for that trip, take these steps guide you from start to finish.

1.    Customize your van or buy a new one according to your specifications with consideration only to what’s needed in the trip. Extra equipment will only mean lesser space to freely move around the van. Settle with the basics: beds that can be transformed to sofa, a stove, fridge, dinette, and microwave.

2.    Take a list of campground directories found on the internet or through you local phone directory. Find the one that meets your expectations. Choose between a private park and a public campground. If you’re going out of town make sure you have a map with you, or you may go on a guided tour with other tourists in their respective recreational vehicles.

3.    You may want to be a member of camping associations to save on expenses. Recreational vehicle clubs have affiliated campgrounds and parks and you will enjoy discounts by becoming a member.

4.    Take note of tours, schedules, and other activities your family can enjoy when you have decided on which national park or camping site you are going.

5.    Assign tasks for every member of the family. This will make camping trip more organized and cooperative.  Kids learn to love camping at an early age.  By taking care of chores they learn responsibility and develop good self esteem, and a love of the outdoors.

6.    Enjoy every moment. Explore during the day as a family. Also, take the time to talk, create games, or gaze upon the stars especially on those very quiet evenings.  Enjoy your conversion van, your new holiday home!


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