Places to Visit When Backpacking across France

August 5, 2010 · Posted in Europe, Paris France, Travel, Visit France · Comment 

When backpacking across Europe, going to France should definitely be on your list of countries to visit. It’s one of the main attractions in Europe, due to its glamour, excitement and culture and so should not be missed. Although it has a reputation of being a more expensive country to visit, if you do your homework, it’s possible to backpack it fairly cheaply.

Buy a Rail Pass for Europe

One very easy way to get around, while backpacking France, is to purchase a rail pass. You can purchase passes for unlimited travel between certain days, or for various amounts of time which can make your travel stress free and incredibly convenient. Check out the “Anywhere Anytime” train pass for a hassle free vacation in Europe!

If you’re thinking about the best time to go to Europe, consider the activities you want to enjoy. If it’s skiing or snowboarding, you’ll be planning a winter trip. If you’re looking for pleasant weather and the least congestion, then it’s a good idea to travel throughout France in the springtime. This time of year is still warm but not too hot and the throngs of tourists will not have yet completely arrived. If you wait until August, a lot of locals will be on vacation themselves, and the ones left behind will wish they were on vacation.

Like most people, you are probably much more aware of the variety of sights to see within Paris than in the rest of France. Some of Paris’ must see sights include the Eiffel Tour, the Louvre museum, the Seine, and impressionist museums. Other important stops on your France tour should include Normandy, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Nice, Marseilles, and Lyon. The Loire Valley is just two hours outside of Paris and is home to medieval chateaus and has some of the region’s greatest wines. Bordeaux is another famous wine spot. The Cote d’Azur includes cities like Cannes and Marseilles which will provide you with time to relax on the beach and also has plenty of things to see and do that won’t break your budget.

In order to see it all, you will need to plan out your trip ahead of time. France is fairly large and so depending on how much time you have, you will need to make sure you will have enough time to see it all. It’s also a good idea to do your research ahead of time so you will be able to prioritize where you want to spend most of your time and what you don’t want to miss out on.

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